International Specialist in Mason's & Other

English Ironstone China C.1790-1850,

Japanese Silk Embroideries, Meiji Period




Janice Paull is considered the leading world authority of 'English Ironstone China'

particulary Mason's Ironstone China dated C 1790-1850\


Janice has been an antiques dealer for over 50 years with considerable experience

in general antiques. She had retail businesse s in Warwick & Kenilworth

Warwickshire, UK for many years. Organising the prestigious 'Kenilworth

Antique Fair' in Warwickshire which maintained a general dateline of 1840.


Janice has served on the Olympia Advisory Board and for many years was

Chairman of European Ceramics at the NEC, Birmingham, U.K. and assists

Vetting Committees at major shows in America.

Member of the British Antique Dealers' Association since November,

1994 & member of C.I.N.O.A the International confederation of

Art & Antiques Dealer Association



Janice is available for appraisals and advice. She lectures on

‘English Ironstone China’ C.1790-1850.

Lecturing at the Palace of the Legion of Honor in San Francisco,

New York, Houston, and various antique shows.


Janice operates from the Opera House Art & Antiques showroom,

304/306 Delaware St, New Castle, Delaware, 19720



Antique Shows 2023


Please check as many shows this year might be cancelled due to Covid-19


January - Washington Antique Show, DC

February - Palm Beach Show, FL

April - Philadelphia Antiique Show, PA

June - Deerfield Antique Show, MA

August - -Baltimore Antique Show, MD

November - Delaware Antique Show, DE

For information on any of the shows
please email

Mason's Ironstone Collectors Club

I am a member of the Mason's Collectors Club joining in the late 1970's,

It is a very active Club for the Mason enthusiast.

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