Illustrated are a selection of different patterns on pieces from our past and

present stock.


The patterns show a strong Chinese influence, imitating the popular Chinese

export porcelain that had been imported at this time.

This press advert from the period says everything:

.Splendid,extensive,and unique Stock of

Porcelain.... comprising,richly gilt table(dinner)and dessert

services....a variety of earthenware table sets, gadroon and plain edges,

in light and full patterns of the newest make, rivalling China in delicacy of

colour and elegance of patterns....

(The London Morning Herald 1st April 1828)

Mason's Ironstone Footbath C 1830-48

Pattern 'Prunus Bush'
Height 16 ins (private collection)

Two Mason's Dough/Bread Bins, C 1815-20

Patterns 'Sacrificial Lamb' & 'Sheaf
Height 24 ins (private collection)

A Large Mason's Covered Hall or Alcove Vase
C 1830-48 Height 37in. Pattern 'Lyre Bird''

Small pair of Mason's Vases C 1830-48
Pattern 'Reverse Panel''
Heigth 9 ins.(private collection)

Pair of Magnificient Mason's Urns C 1815-20

Pattern 'Japan' (basket) & 'Japan'(fence)
Heigth 22 ins.(private collection)

Exceptional Pair Ice Pails with lids & liners C.1813-15

Pattern 'Trailing Water Lily' variation
Heigth 18 ins.(private collection)

A Large Mason's Rare Pot Pourri, pierced lid C 1812-20.

Pattern 709 & various Miles Mason patterns
Height 13 ins.(private collection)

William Mason's Square Bowl C.1820
Pattern 'Cow Herd' with clobbered border

Mason's Cambrian Argil Dessert Dish C.1820
Pattern 'Full Blown Rose'with clobbered border

Mason's Double Gourd Vase,C.1813-15
Pattern'Trailing Lily'

Mason's Inkstand C.1830
Pattern' Chinese Vista'

Mason's Moulded Plate bone china C.1815-20
decorated in a gilded picturesque landscape

Mason's Pair Fruit Coolers, C 1820

Pattern 'Sea Shell' & 'Rose' on reverse
Height 11ins

Mason's Soup Tureen C.1820
Pattern 'Bamboo'

Three Dessert Dishes
Pattern 'Long Tailed Pheasant'

Pair Dessert Dishes at rear
Pattern 'Flying Bird

Mason's Bread/Dough Bin, Cooler & Bowl C.1820

Pattern 'Table & Flower Pot

Mason's Complete Toilet Set, Footbath, Footbath Jug,Wash Bowl & Jug in two sizes, Razor Tray, Soap Dish, Pair of Candlesticks C.1820

Pattern 'Water Lily'

Mason's Alcove Vase (One of Pair) C.1820

Pattern 'Chinese Scroll' & 'Table & Flower Pot'
Height 29 ins.

Mason's Pair of Coolers C.1820

Pattern 'Muscovy Duck' & 'Chinese Vista' on reverse
Height 10.5 ins

Mason's Excellent Quality Neopolitan Ewer C.1820

Pattern 'Peacock'

New patterns are being discovered and recorded everyday, please email us for any up to date information or leave your enquiry. You may have discovered a unrecorded shape or pattern!!




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